SHOWS 2019

This just In! A quick little show at Twin Kegs II. Sat( Nov 9th) night at 6 PM. Nashville, Tn. Joining me will be Bebo Whitehead. 50 minute show. I'll be singing a bunch of originals,old and new. Should be fun! ......Well it was really fun. It's a music room.! I had a great time. Here's a list of songs performed. Sound Check- OUTLAW IN LOVE

                                                                  DANCING REGINA

                                                                  JUST TO BREAKAWAY

                                                                  LONESOME TOWN

                                                                  THANK YOU GIRL

                                                                   SO MANY THOUGHTS

                                                                   WEIGHT OF THE WORLD

                                                                   WALKING IN ST JAMES

                                                                   BIG SACK OF DREAMS

                                                                   SPARKS STILL FLY

                                                                   HOURS BEFORE THE DAWN

                                                                   GOT A THANG FOR YOU

                                                                   GONE FISHING

                                                                   LOOK BOTH WAYS




      Going to be off the Americana Highway for a while. I treat my life as one big adventure. Waycross, New York and Tupelo were a whole lot of fun. The year is flying by so it's time to head back in the studio to record a new project or two. Laid down six tracks that are works in progress. It's been great making music with Susie Monick, Brent Moyer, Mike Holder, LeAnn Ethridge, Pat McInerney, Bebo Whitehead and Drew Nedz at Lakehouse Studios.