After listing my new album tracks, I decided it was time to showcase some songs from my other two albums as well. I did a version of Lynn Taylor's Song TEN DOLLAR SOUL on my debut album WALKING IN ST JAMES and recorded a second acoustic version featuring MICK CHEGWIDDEN on MANDOLIN. Like a wild stallion, I just let him run through the canyon. Another song which didn't appear on the album I listed was called SITTING IN A MOTEL. The track took on a life of it's own. Ended up like a Holiday Inn Lounge band on a real good Sat night. DAVE ROE on UPRIGHT BASS, PAT McInerney on DRUMS, MARK ROBINSON on ELECTRIC GUITAR and RONNIE GODFREY on PIANO. Added other tracks from WALKING and a bunch from LOOK BOTH WAYS.    kennyowensbackburners.com

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