It's a raw cold day and I'm thinking about next Friday's Record Store Day. Do I self promote or cast the record in the wind like a frisbee. In Feb of this year, I released my third record " COLORED BY THE BLUE " to the listening public. Packed up my car and got my record into as many Vinyl Shops before April's RSD. Met all kinds of owners, most of them Cool! Wholesale cash, consignments and Sorry you aren't local. Anyway it was a wild five weeks, wheeling and dealing. I'm proud of this record. It's Fresh and holds up play after play.Ten tracks of rooted American music, all with different vibes. A lot of great musical moments from some players you heard of, some you should know of. Lord knows, It's a tough business and not for the thin skinned. I guess the biggest retail day is Black Friday or for Record Shop's " Black Vinyl Day ". Since I'm an Indie Artist, I'll go with the self promotion. This album is worthy of being in a Music Lover's Collection. Happy Thanksgiving, Peace - KO



    After listing my new album tracks, I decided it was time to showcase some songs from my other two albums as well. I did a version of Lynn Taylor's Song TEN DOLLAR SOUL on my debut album WALKING IN ST JAMES and recorded a second acoustic version featuring MICK CHEGWIDDEN on MANDOLIN. Like a wild stallion, I just let him run through the canyon. Another song which didn't appear on the album I listed was called SITTING IN A MOTEL. The track took on a life of it's own. Ended up like a Holiday Inn Lounge band on a real good Sat night. DAVE ROE on UPRIGHT BASS, PAT McInerney on DRUMS, MARK ROBINSON on ELECTRIC GUITAR and RONNIE GODFREY on PIANO. Added other tracks from WALKING and a bunch from LOOK BOTH WAYS.


     The rain is coming down outside as I look out the window. The street is slick and black as my neighbor's porch light shines like a beacon. Once again sitting on the couch with a guitar and my third cup of coffee. The table lamp is on as I strum out a chord with my capo on the neck. I guess that's like With A Banjo On My Knee. There's a Tom Petty song I love so I'm trying to find the best key and the right feel. I hear pedal steel with a duet harmony. Ode to the brothers Phil and Don. Cool, wrote out the words. Time to give it a go!