This year is just zipping by like a comet. Different music projects are coming my way. Entered a couple of songwriting contests, Playing a bunch of shows with my friend Doug Seegers and working on a new album. When I can, I drive over to my old neighborhood in East Nashville. There's a little section with Spanish Inspired California type homes aptly named Little Hollywood. So I've been recording a bit at The Lake House with engineer Drew Nedz. A very talented young man indeed! Plays Drums, Bass, Piano, Electric Guitar and Sings. Only laid down four tunes so far with two heading to the finish line. A friend of mine Mike Holder is playing Pedal Steel and Susie Monick added a little color with Squeeze Box, Mandolin and Banjo. Brent Moyer is coming in to lay down a Telecaster part and I'll give it my best shot singing these songs I wrote. I've been laying down the Electric bass and Rhythm Guitar as well as a Six String Tic Tac Bass. I get a kick out of the sound it produces. Gotta love those lipstick pickups! I guess this is supposed to be a bio of sorts but who needs to know about the past. Seek out the albums I've made or catch a show. This is now and here I am writing and rambling on. If only there was a music journalist interested in doing a story about a little guy who just loves to play, write music and record. Life is an adventure and I'm living in the moment. I've been Sinner, Saint, Rake, Rogue, Calm, Nervous, Quick Witted and sometimes Dim Witted!. Each day God keeps me on Earth, I'm becoming more Compassionate and Kind. I'm so glad he's affording me the time to get there. It doesn't take much to look someone in the eye when you shake their hand or give a heart felt compliment. We're all just here for a while, enjoy the ride!

     Record Store Day is coming up and I'm once again promoting my current album " COLORED BY THE BLUE " I'm proud of it. Did a crazy tour to get it into big and small record shops that specialize in Vinyl. I felt like a door to door salesman at times but it was a great experience to do it old school. The United States is a big wonderful place. Wish I gotten to a lot more shops but ran out of time. I am doing a show April 26th 7:00 PM at The Bowery Vault in Nashville with Pat McInerney on Drums, Dan Seymour on Electric Bass and Chip Smith on Mandolin, Electric Guitar. It's an interesting Vintage Clothing Store with a Cafe and Stage. Reminds me of the What Not Shop and Trash & Vaudeville in New York City. Those places were in the East Village just shy of NY'S Bowery. Hopefully you'll venture out to the venue instead of Nashville's Broadway Star's Bars, Pedal Bars and Boot Shops. I'll be singing songs from all of my albums and maybe one or two new ones. It would be good to see Ya and say Hey! PEACE, LOVE HENDERSONVILLE - KO