Kenny Owens is a singer songwriter with an uncanny knack for writing well crafted tunes and lyrics. Twenty one years ago he decided to leave his home in Riverhead, New York. Owens was playing bass at the time for a band known as the Lonesome Rebels and they wanted to record an album in Music City. So packing up his trusty Fender Bass, KO headed south and ended up residing in a house on Carter Ave located in East Nashville. The album was recorded and the group set out on an ill fated tour. The band fell apart and everyone went their own ways. After spending a year in the hood Kenny went back home, sold the house and packed up the family to live in Hendersonville,Tn. Currently the place he still hangs his hat. Did a European tour with MC Potts, Played and recorded in Felix Wiley for two years ( Lynn Taylor's Old Band) and had interesting day gigs in between. 2009 brought about a creative period in his life. Working at Mr. Marks Music sorting two inch tapes, testing all kinds of cassette decks, amps, guitars and everything related to music, KO started writing songs again and they ended up on the 2010 debut album."Walking In St James". Recorded up in Springfield,Tn at Audion Recording Studios. Next came " Look Both Ways " in 2014. A vinyl 45 " Trouble's Coming Round " was released from that CD. Those songs were recorded at Center Street Recording in Hermitage, Tn. In late December of 2016, KO started work on another recording project. The first single from those sessions " Gone Fishing " was released in 2017 on CD. Feb 2018 " Colored By The Blue" came out as a full length album on vinyl with a CD included. This one recorded at Paul Gannon's Big Ears Studio in Nashville,Tn.

     The new album has a lot to offer musically and lyrically. A great selection of songs! A true Americana tunesmith. Owens always pays homage to his heroes but there's so much originality in what he does as a writer of songs. If you take the chance to hop on his melodies, you are in for a good ride. The album has ten tracks and it's sort of like a Beatle's record. Every song is different from the start of "Gone Fishing " to " Troubadour Travelin" Man ". The cool thing about the record is KO let's his band play. When it's solo time, the players play. Be it Pedal Steel (Mike Daly), Saxophone (John Heinrich),  Electric guitars (Gary Oxton), (Bebo Whitehead), Accordion(Michael Webb) or Harmonica (Kirk Jelly Roll Johnson). The Rhythm Section of ( Dan Seymour) on Electric Bass, Upright and (Pat McInerney), on Drums, Percussion,( Anita  Stapleton) on Harmony Vocals, (Brent Moyer) on Trumpet, (Tim Lorsch) on Fiddie,, Mandolin,, (Kenny Owens) Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Six String Bass, Bass with Michael also on Hammond B3, Grand Piano and Dan playing Auto Harp. Paul Recording, Mixing and Alex McCollough doing the Mastering. Most times Kenny writes his songs on the edge of his bed with an acoustic guitar and notebook at his side. However he loves how the songs come to life with the help of the musicians involved in the sessions. Owens is a true Indie artist with a vision all his own. He hopes you get the chance to listen to the songs and add " Colored By The Blue " to your record collection.