Thanks for checking in to see what I'm all about. I'm a quirky little singer songwriter who settled in the great state of Tennessee. I guess it's been about twenty two years since moving to Hendersonville. Around sixteen miles north of Nashville, give or take. I like it here, The pace suits me just fine. Every day God willin', I grab the guitar and try to write a song. What's my style of writing? It varies. Folk, Country, Rock, Blues. You might hear a pedal Steel guitar, next song you'll hear a saxophone blowing. Most times, I'll sit on the bed playing chords and finding a melody. 

    Words mean a lot to me, the songs I write "ain't ooh baby, baby". I'm a story teller blending truth with fiction. Some tunes are personal, while others come about from people I see on the street or know. Life in motion! Never one to crank em out, they seem to have a life of their own. I still change up words after recording songs and sometimes I like to change the feel and tempos. Dylan had a big affect on me as far as that goes. The list of bands and songwriters, past and present keep the fire burning in the belly. Too many to mention but over the years they have given me a lot of listening pleasure. I pay a bit of homage to them in the tunes I write but there is a lot of original work to my songs.

    I love to travel around this crazy place known as America. There's still a lot of good in this land. Every now and then you meet folks along the way that keep you going and put a smile on your face. For me, I'm a happy camper when I come across a vinyl record shop, vintage guitars, old book stores and of course music venues with a mellow vibe. Thanks again for checking in and finding out a bit about me. Like I said, I'm a quirky little singer songwriter. It's what I do!